COVID-19 has inflated parts of the economy. Which parts?

JobKeeper injected $102bn …where has this money gone?

Over two-thirds has been spent not saved (ABS).

I have data on where spending has gone…

Tens of thousands have been injecting it into their health and wellness regime:

Injecting it into their LIPS.

According to a major national cosmetic beauty brand, “since COVID, injectables have grown over 50% from a previous record month. We’ve had a big increase in NEW customers”.

Even NPS for this major brand is the HIGHEST it has EVER been at 80% (at this level, their customer satisfaction is rated ‘world class’).

Yes, this business had to swiftly adjust to covid-safe operations – safe waxing, safe zapping and safe injecting, but more importantly, they were able to quickly open an online store for skincare, opening up strong sales in other channels.

That’s COVID business resilience and getting on with it.

Wellness is very personal. What this data says is that for a lot of people – likely to be young females – choosing to pamper themselves with softer skin and fuller lips is self-care and wellness.

So when the world spins out of control, one thing you can control is your health and wellness regime.

Fuller lips. Fuller life.

I’ll kiss to that.

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