What AI technology do you use?

We are the only strategic brand agency in Australia to have access to the earth.AI platform, which applies advanced analytics in the form of machine learning – specifically natural language processing, overlaid with cognitive science, neural networks and computational linguistics. Founded in 2012 by Significance Systems, earth.AI is a well established platform and Maven Data have been proud Agency Partners with Significance Systems since 2018.

What data do you use?

We analyse petabytes of open-source online data that includes websites, blogs, and social media outside firewalls (that’s a heck of a lot!). We source this data through the world’s leading and credible sources of unstructured online data.

How are you so accurate at predictions?

Data work is art and science. Over many years and experiments, we have proven that our methods in reading the market are accurate in predicting future trends. See our Recent Projects.

Can you do a past read of the data?

No. Our data is contemporaneous, and a retrospective snapshot cannot be taken. It is why we strongly recommend taking snapshot measures at the beginning of a project, so as to track the shifts.

What makes you different to other AI research companies?

Maven Data brings a unique blend of strategy and advanced analytics expertise to market research. We are strategy first, data second, which make us effective in uncovering the data story to drive clear strategic decisions. We’re qualified and experienced in economics, finance, marketing, strategy, and data analytics. We like to think that we humanise data to take the guessing game out of predicting the future.

What makes you better than Traditional Market Research?

We use the whole world online as your sample. We use AI to analyse emotions. Our insights are unbiased and predictive. Our process is faster, cheaper and better than any survey, poll or focus group, for strategic market research. Our methods are superior for predicting the future. Our results speak for themselves.

How much does it cost to work with Maven?

Advanced proven cutting edge technology is costly, but it can be more costly investing in the wrong research method that gets the wrong outcome, which leads to the wrong decisions. Contact us for a customised program estimate.

How are you different to Social Listening?

Social media is a bubble in the universe of bubbles of content we analyse. There is a silent majority that don’t participate in social media. Social metrics are not unbiased or predictive. Our research analyses non-private identifiable information (non-PII) social media data and we observe engagement in a user’s natural environment (ie. when they engage with content in the privacy of their own screens – not knowing they are being analysed). So our methods are more comprehensive and unbiased.

How long does it take to get Maven Insights?

We are fast. We can analyse the market in days to weeks. Market opportunities can move very quickly so its important to provide clients with access to real-time insights as fast as possible.

Do you work with clients outside Australia?

Yes. Our dataset is the global internet so our research takes us across any industry, in any language, in any country across the world. We utilise technology to provide a unique digital and efficient customer experience. Speak to us if you want to know more.

What’s the first step in engaging Maven?

Connect with us and we will organise a 30 minute call to explore whether we can assist with your brief. We are not for all clients and not all clients are for us. However, we are happy to discuss possibilities of working together. At least we’ll have an interesting conversation about data!

It’s interesting that the AI data is talked about as unbiased. If the AI is being ‘trained’ to interpret and then also there are humans interpreting some of the findings, how is bias removed?

The inputs/data used are not biased by opinion-based sources, such as surveys, polls and focus groups that ask specific questions and use specific language. We observe organic, self-determined behaviour and sentiment online, which occurs in a natural or familiar environment.

Interpretation methods are, by their nature, biased as they involve human analysis and interpretation. Skill, insight, experience and wisdom play a role in the way the data is received, assessed and used.

In market research where we observe human behaviour and culture, people and technology can come together to make sense of the data being collected. Artificial intelligence has yet to reach a capability where technology can accurately ‘read between the lines’ – humans still have a vital role to play.

This is what makes our job complex yet extremely interesting, particularly if we get it right.

Will forms of technology, such as AI, impact consulting services? If so, by how much and when?

AI will disrupt many industries and services, consulting amongst them. Consultants who continue to accurately identify market changes will maintain their relevance. That’s the natural process of evolution, However we can’t predict which industries and sectors will survive this disruption. Our job is to monitor the market for signs of change so that clients can make the right decisions at the right time.

If emotions and online activity can change, how can you predict outcomes or narratives?

We measure emotions and online activity to understand and predict change, as sentiment drives behaviour and strong feelings motivate behavioural change. If we love or hate a topic, we are more likely to act than if we thought something was merely pleasant, nice or uncomfortable.

Are you able to work with internal corporate data or is the focus solely on public data?

We can work with a range of data sources, such as internal, external and open access. The more company or industry specific the data, the greater our options in providing bespoke insights for specific clients.