How to navigate a crisis by unlocking the power of AI.

When a crisis hits, you need to understand how people feel about it, and how deeply their feelings go—as this will determine whether or not these feelings will change behaviour—as well as who people are believing or listening to.

If you know how the crisis is being perceived, and who is controlling the story, you can build an effective messaging strategy to ensure your message is countering any key concerns, and is shared through voices with power.

Through the use of natural language processing, our AI Research is able to determine each of the key measures needed to make careful, timely and effective strategic decisions.

We can determine how people feel about the issue, and how deeply those feelings go—remembering that only deep feelings shift behaviour.

Acting quickly in a crisis is critical. 

By employing Artificial Intelligence to analyse petabytes of open source data in a matter of days, there is the capacity to analyse swiftly as well as effectively, with the assurance that your actions will be informed by unbiased insights.  

A fundamental aspect of effective analysis is the need to understand the voices of power. 

Who are the people, media channels and organisations shaping the story? 

What is their agenda? 

Why are people listening to them?

During any crisis, it’s important to keep a cool head. To make informed decisions based on credible data. It’s also critical to continue to measure your brand, and the emotional response to any of the tactics you choose to employ.

If you’d like to understand how best to use the incredible power of AI to guide your communications during Covid-19, we can help.

We process and analyse petabytes of unstructured open source online content from websites, social and blogs.

We use Artificial Intelligence—specifically, machine learning and natural language processing, overlaid with cognitive science, neural networks and computational linguistics.

It’s the quickest and most effective way to deeply understand the impact of an issue as it happens, so you can respond strategically and effectively.

We offer:

Analysis of the issue — to gain a quick and in-depth pulse check of how people feel about the issue, what emotions surround it, how this might change their behaviour, and how deep the engagement with it is.

Voices of Power — to gauge quickly who is driving the conversation, what they are saying, and to understand why they are being listened to.

Crisis Communication Insights — to gain key recommendations based on data and audience insight.

Having been trusted by many leading brands to handle sensitive communications challenges, not only do we offer the strength of data to make concise and effective decisions, we understand how to communicate and protect your brand in a crisis.

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