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Do I Have Your Attention?

In today’s economy, the currency of power is not attention–it’s engagement. American economist and political scientist, Herbert Simon, was ahead [...]

PART #1 PREDICTION – TRUMP 2020: Will he win based on AI?

The burning question on everyone’s lips is “Will Trump win the 2020 US election?” Over the last 6 weeks, I’ve [...]

How to navigate a crisis by unlocking the power of AI.

Understand how AI Research can help you navigate the Covid19 crisis.

40% Drop In Big 4 Banks’ Share Price, Are They Listening To What The Market Is Saying?

I was sitting in front of the computer on 10am Saturday, trying to open up a new bank account online [...]

Creating your own blue ocean with data

Data-driven decisions can empower CFOs to reimagine the future. By Nina Hendy. “Data-driven insights are like gold, they give you [...]


At AFTRS RE:FRAME 2019, Maven Data Founder and Data Whisperer, Elisa Choy, gave Australia’s leading content creators a taste of [...]

We Are On The Precipice of a Revolution

Yesterday’s International Women’s Day marked the celebration of women’s contributions to work, life and culture in many countries throughout the [...]

It’s Time: Virgin & Qantas to Reimagine Air Travel with AI

Ask the market what the future of air travel needs to be using the world’s online market data. Bain Capital, [...]